See original drawings by Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Bill Mauldin whose characters, Willie and Joe, chronicled the lives of the infantrymen in World War II, using both humor and sobering realism to tell their story.

One of the finest collections of American military weapons in the nation, the Reaves Collection was acquired by the museum in 1980. The collection features firearms and related artifacts dating from the Revolutionary War through Vietnam!
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The 45th Infantry Division served 511 days in battle during World War II, participating in 8 campaigns. The World War II gallery examines the actions of the Thunderbirds from Sicily, Italy, France, and Germany.

The Thunderbirds served 429 days in battle during the Korean War, participating in 4 campaigns. The Korean War gallery chronicles the activities of the Thunderbirds from 1950 through 1953.

Supporting Forces are an integral and vital part of success in battle, and the Supporting Forces Hall pays homage to the men and women whose efforts kept the fighting men fed, equipped, and healthy. Tribute is also paid to those whose wartime work boosted soldiers’ morale.
The 45th Division Museum’s 15 acre park features tanks, artillery, personnel carriers, aircraft, and the Thunderbird Monument which pays tribute to the men who served with the Division in World War II and Korea; as well as those men and women who continue to serve in Oklahoma’s National Guard.