What a difference a year makes. Last summer marked an interesting and frustrating time in the history of the museum. Our attendance was down significantly as fears of COVID kept people at home. It is gratifying to see more people in the museum, and life is beginning to feel more normal.

Progress for the new Oklahoma National Guard Museum is slow, but we are making some advancements. Of particular interest for the museum staff is the development of storylines and exhibition designs. I am taking on this project with excitement for the changes and improvements that will be made and acknowledging that change can bring insecurity for us all.

Humans are creatures of habit. We become comfortable with the artifacts and history that we have been sharing with guests for decades. Rest assured that as we work on the stories to be told in the new museum, we will make every effort to ensure that all volunteers will be well informed. I anticipate that once the storylines are set, we will embark on training for volunteers. I know for me, there is a learning curve, but I am embracing new information with a sense of excitement.

If you ever have questions about the plans for the new museum, my door is always open.—Denise

Opening Times

Tuesday -Friday
9:00 – 16:15
10:00 to 16:15
13:00 to 16:00

Admission FREE but voluntary donations are welcome.

COVID-19 and the Museum

When visiting the museum everyone over the age 11 is highly encouraged to wear a face covering, like a mask or face shield, in museum.